Saturday, February 6, 2010

You Need Boots!

Nope, not what you think. It's the snow and ice, eight inches deep and more to come. All through the rather boring post-holiday winter Indianapolis has been pretty lucky to have had it so mild. On the flip side, the nasty stuff that usually falls on us has been going south for the last few years, smothering areas not accustomed to snowfall.

Why bother to tell you this?

WTF are we doing to our planet? Sometimes it really scares me.

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  1. Here in Portugal's Madeira Island, we are having the destruction of the floods... and still people are gathering strength to not give up the Festival of Flowers, its great attraction where all the streets and houses are covered the most beautiful flowers you can imagine. 17 to 18 April (2010) come visit Madeira and help increase the hope for better a world!