Saturday, June 27, 2009

Here I Go Again... Attempting to Blog

Merry Meet, Everyone!

Once again I am attempting to use a popular webtools to connect me with friends and readers. My time on MySpace was overwhelming and I had issues with Facebook not letting me add everyone with a friend request. I'm still not sure what that was all about. Someone suggested this venue. In other words, here I go again.

I don't like to back down from a challenge, but the truth is I have so much trouble just finding time to write books that the idea of posting to a blog--even occasionally--seems like an amazing feat. But, hey, I'm a Witch, right? I should be able to do this, right? I'm certainly going to try. To the authors who can do this daily, well, you just astound me and I admire you beyond anything you can imagine. I spend my days dog-paddling to keep myself from drowning in the "must do" stuff everyone has to cope with. Adding a new "must do" scares me. So, please, everyone, be gentle and patient. Please? (There's my *%$-+!*&@ insecurity again.)

Naturally, my publicist thinks this is the best place to post a blog from time to time just in can you start to forget who I am. Contrary to popular belief we writers are really insecure and we are our own worst critics. Writing is hard work for little pay unless you're Nora Roberts or Stephen King, and the belief that anyone wants to read about my daily, weekly, monthly (you get the idea), thoughts just doesn't register with me as logical. To those who do care about my postings, Bless You and I Love You! I do mean that.

Ah! I almost signed off without the obligatory shameless promotion, which is supposed to be the basic idea for blogging... I think. (I told you I'm really insecure.)

I have two new books out right now, both about faeries. My longtime friends and reader know this is one of my favorite topics. In November Adams Media published The Healing Power of Faery, a beginner's guide to faery shamanism. The book turned out much better than I expected, but it is the workshops that have wowed me the most. I've presented it in several venues, including Florida Pagan Gathering and at Circle Sanctuary. These workshops have produced spontaneous healings or the appearance of new totem animals who pulled the seeker onto the path which he or she needed to find. Surprises that like excite me. The fey are just fabulous.

I was the "faery consultant" (not the author) on one of DK Publishing's "Pedia" series. The Fairypedia is aimed at children, but I know several adults who have copies just for the fun of it. I think the final product is fantastic and is something Pagan kids are going to love. It was refreshing to find a publisher willing to go out of its way to make sure their book was as true to various world faery mythologies rather than perpetuating the Victorian flower faery stereotypes. The DK people were great to work with, and my agent, Denise Dumars, also enjoyed working with them. Thanks to editor Shannon Beatty for all her hard work.

So that's it for my first posting. It makes me feel strange to promote myself, but this is what I'm told authors must do because publishers cannot afford to promote everything. Since I don't like to "promote" myself in general I will probably be sharing with you Witchy and paranormal experiences I've had. They are much more interesting than the fact that today I had three cups of coffee, was awakened early by one of my three Shelties, and helped my mother put away groceries. Whoo, Hooo! What a reckless life I love.

To those who have seen my sad website lately I must apologize. Without my cousin, Don, keeping things updated I know my site is hopelessly behind. I promise to update it soon or find another willing cousin. (Watch my family run!)

BTW, my e-mail account was hacked more than once in 2008 so I shut down the elderwise link and everything connected with it. I cannot answer all my e-mails, but I read every single one of them and respond when I can. My new addy is Please feel free to drop me line.

I can't believe Litha 2009 is already behind us. I hope this summer season will contain everything to make your happy, prosperous, and healthy.

Bright Blessings, Edain