Wednesday, September 16, 2009

MySpace, Facebook, &

I want to repeat what I said in my former blogs about MySpace, Facebook, and for those who have not read them and are waiting for responses.

I closed my MySpace page and my Classmates accounts when they began eating up too much time. Face it, both of them are much more fun than working. Facebook and I had issues over how many friends I was permitted to add in a given time period and I bailed on them. Those of you who are not getting friend responses to Facebook are not being shunned, I simply refused to pick and chose what few people I could add each day. Punishment for adding too many friends--which I thought was the purpose of the site--was having it blocked to me for up to a week. I may return to MySpace someday, but for the time being writing, going to grad school, teaching, and taking care of my family and pets has me in a time crunch where something had to go.

Thanks and BB,

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